The egyptian
book of
the dead
the long awaited audio book to
e.a. wallis budge's translation

Few cultures inspire curiosity like Ancient Egypt. When seeking to unlock the mysteries of this vaunted ancient culture, one book stands out – the “Egyptian Book of the Dead.” This book is the original Egyptian Funeral Text. Instead of wondering what was said at funerals such as those of important Pharaohs like Ramses, you will now have the text itself.

While many are fascinated with Egyptian pyramids, the mummies, and even the secrets of the Nile, few things provide insight to Ancient Egypt like “Egyptian Book of the Dead.” Translated in 1895 by E.A. Wallis Budge, this beautiful text is wonderful when read aloud. Of particular interest to most are the “Papyrus of Ani” and “The Book of Coming Fourth By Day.” These funeral texts provide the key to understanding Egyptian funeral culture. Whether you’re interested in Egyptology, metaphysics, or simply want to learn more about this amazing culture, “Egyptian Book of the Dead” is a fantastic resource.

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